SEO Keyword Placement – Throwing Keywords in Your Content Haphazardly is a Mistake

You know enough about SEO to know that you need to use your targeted keywords in your content. If you’re writing content for your website, perhaps you’re attempting to achieve 3% or 4% keyword density for the page. So, if your web page is 600 words, you can just throw your chosen keywords in about 20 or 25 times here and there and be done with it, right? Not so fast. While a good keyword volume is important for achieving higher ranking in the search engines, where you put your keywords can make the difference in whether your website lands on page two, or that highly-coveted first page for all to see.

While titles don’t necessarily ALWAYS have to contain the keyword (particularly on blogs, where it can begin to look a bit redundant to the reader), it is a good idea to use your keyword in the title of an article, or the title of a web page, for example. Even on blogs, use your keyword in your titles frequently, just not every single time. Your content (including titles) should flow in a way that is natural to your reader, not forced, as content written for SEO purposes can often sound.

So, where should you place your keywords when writing a page of content? When possible, it’s a good idea to use your keyword in your first sentence if it works in well. Some SEO experts also advise to use it again in the last sentence of the first paragraph, as well as in the final sentence of the article. Other than those specific places, it’s recommended that sprinkle your keywords naturally throughout your text, in a way that is comfortable for your reader and that won’t stand out like a sore thumb. Depending upon your keyword, it may be that the beginning of a sentence sounds more natural. What you want to avoid is content that reads like a garbled bunch of gibberish to your visitor – nothing will run him/her off faster!